What Is The Best Flower Delivery Service Internationally?

The best flower delivery service is something everyone should have as their permanent contact. A professional florist can create an incredible gift for any special occasion. And if the service is affordable and delivers internationally, it’s a miracle of a company!

To give a clear answer to the title question right away, there are at least 10 TOP best online flowers delivery services just like that:

Company Price Range Contact Details
FTD $40 — $200 Tel: 1(800)736-3383
ProFlowers $35 — $230 Tel: 1(800)580-2913
1-800-FLORALS $40 — $100 Tel: 1(800)356-7257
Phone: 630-719-5200
Fax: 630-719-2292
Blooms Today $50 — $160 Tel: 1(800)359-5309
Address: 13575 Wellington Center Circle, Suite 101, Gainesville, VA 20155
FloraQueen $40 — $160 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Carrer de Frederic Mompou, 3 Planta 7ª, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain
Flower Delivery $40 — $240 Order: 1(800)756-5795
Fax: 1(800)854-9647
E-mail: [email protected]
Globalrose $45 — $300 Tel: 1(877)701-7673
Address: 7225 NW 25th Street, Suite 217, Miami, FL 33122 US
Just Flowers $40 — $240 Order: 1(800)570-0447
Customer Service: 1(800)290-5919
E-mail: [email protected]
Nearly Natural $50 — $120 Tel: 1(800)711-0544
Address: 3870 W. 108 Street, Suite 305, Hialeah, FL 33018
E-mail: [email protected]
Teleflora $32 — $252 Tel: 1(800)493-5610
Address: 11444 West Olympic Blvd. 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90064

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The Earth laughs in flowers”.

A gorgeous bouquet can make your loved one smile, help you confess, become a symbol of a beautiful feeling, and give the nicest regards on your behalf. It can also become a relief an apology, or just a way to let your mom know you love her. The latter is especially important when you’re living abroad.

When looking for the best online flower delivery company, there are several criteria everyone should keep in mind. According to those, here’s a new, honest review of every best place to buy flowers online.

Where Is the Best Place to Order Flowers Online: Overview of the TOP 10

Let’s go through all the flower delivery services mentioned at the beginning of the article.


A service with one of the best online flower ordering terms. You can buy a flower set for anything: “Get well” wishes, baby shower, wedding, birthday, etc. Navigation is available by occasions, flowers, and delivery types. If you don’t know what the closest holiday is, there’s a list of upcoming occasions to buy flowers for. FTD also offers a list of flowers on sale as a separate section.

Best flower delivery service «FTD»

Another interesting thing is the seasonal best flower delivery deals. They change every 3 months and create a perfect atmosphere. You can add a fruit basket or another gift to the order as well. Such seasonal offers are great if you’re looking for a centerpiece for a dinner.

As to the prices, premium deliveries are $80-$200, but there are also smaller, sweeter bouquets for about $40. FTD offers a great list of discounted deals you can get for even a smaller price. Both $40 and $200 flowers look great according to their flower delivery ratings.


Another beautiful flower delivery can be made through ProFlowers. The offers range is similar to FTD but there are more low-budget options. You can find a bouquet for any important occasion there. A baby shower, a birthday, a wedding,- an arrangement suitable for the date and season is waiting for you on the website.

Best floral delivery from ProFlowers

Ordering a “Get well” gift or just letting your loved one know how much you appreciate them isn’t a problem as well. It doesn’t have to be a huge anniversary to get an idea to buy flowers from one of the best floral companies.

This is one of the companies offering nice deals from ~$40. ProFlowers claims to have 7-day freshness mark for all their arrangements. And if you’re not satisfied or the flowers didn’t last for a week, ProFlowers will make a full refund, a fresh re-delivery, or provide a discount for the next highest rated flower delivery.


Delivering bouquets becomes easier with 1-800-FLORALS – one of the top flower delivery sites. Some of the best Internet flowers offer a great range of products, prices, and interesting facts and articles about flowers.

Best place to order flowers - 1-800-FLORALS

From the website, you can send flowers across country (USA) or to Canada, find the best option for your holiday in minutes, and find out more about floral dates, types of flowers, their meaning, and more. So, in addition to a fancy floral art set, you can get a knowledge bag that will make it easier to find a nice set of flowers for delivery.

There’s a convenient Search feature that allows for quick shopping by choosing an occasion, type of arrangement, and price range. As to the latter, there are three:

  • Standard – ~$50;
  • Fancy – up to $75;
  • Extra fancy – from $75.

Being a good flower delivery service, these guys are transparent as to their pricing. The service accepts a lot of cards and ways of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and others.

Blooms Today

Another one of flower delivery websites that provides a possibility of quick order. Just type in a ZIP code, choose an occasion you need a gift for and when you need it delivered. You’ll get a list of great choices from professional florists that can be sent right to the door of your loved one.

Floral arrangements delivery from Blooms Today

Blooms Today offers a wide range of flowers, plants, and gift combinations. The occasion list is vast and there’s also a calendar with upcoming important dates that you might need to congratulate someone on.

A great thing about this top rated flower delivery is that all the prices are listed with delivery costs. You don’t have to calculate the final numbers yourself. Arrangements start from $60-$70. The service also has a 100% money-back guarantee in case there’s something wrong with the order.

If you have questions about taxes or costs of additional services, there’s a customer support team online to help you out.


A unique flower arrangements delivery service, FloraQueen ships to over 100 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, etc.

Best flower shop «FloraQueen»

The website also has a convenient Search feature for which you only need:

  • City/country;
  • Date of delivery;
  • Type of occasion;
  • Type of flowers.

FloraQueen guarantees fresh flowers and on-time delivery to almost every developed country in the world.

You can find a beautiful arrangement for $50-$60. If looking for something fancier, there’s a convenient VIP section with options that cost $150 and more. If you have some time, look for options with discounts. Also, by subscribing to their newsletter, you can get a 15% discount for the first order.

When choosing flower stores that deliver internationally, make sure there’s a country of your interest on the list. This company has proven to be reliable as their florists send flowers all around the world since 2004.

Flower Delivery

Such an easy name stands for multiple delivery options, lots of available flower types, additional services, and price range. This is one of those flower retailers that make every arrangement look super special, adding balloons, fruit, and stuffed animals there. All those extra elements can be ordered as stand-alone gifts like fruit baskets or huge toys.

Best flower site www.flowerdelivery.com

The price range is divided into three categories:

  • Under $50;
  • $50-$100 (standard);
  • Over $100.

You can browse options according to these sections if your budget is limited or if you want something extra special.

There are lots of occasions available: baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. If you want a simple bouquet that isn’t attached to any holiday or important date, there’s a special “Just Because” section.

Even the cheapest options there are very cute. And you can always add something to a small order and turn it into a present.


This service aims at your knowledgeability for the best choice of a flower set. Along with a wide range of options, you get a ton of information in FAQs and a friendly customer support team. As you find out everything necessary to get the service, it will become easier to get to the best set and order it quickly.

Best website to send flowers - Globalrose

Choose your bouquet by flower type, color, or occasion. There are special sets for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, new baby, baby shower, wedding, and more. Besides, you can find some niche options as well for holidays and events like:

  • Halloween;
  • St. Patrick’s Day;
  • Fundraising, etc.

For subscribing to their newsletter, you get a 5% discount as a coupon to use anytime. With that, you also get free shipping, which is often a huge money-saver.

This company is in the flower business since 1999, so its reliability isn’t something to be in doubt about. Their cut-off time is 9 PM EST on weekdays and 3 PM on Saturday, which makes it a great way out for later orderers.

Prices start from $50, but there are great discounts every now and then.

Just Flowers

This is another one of those bouquet companies that allow for quick search. An amazing choice for those who always forget about the boss’s birthday or half-anniversary with their partner. To find a perfect match, choose an occasion, type of gift (flowers, baskets, etc.), the state to deliver it to, the date of delivery, a keyword for a more efficient search.

Just Flowers - Best rated flower delivery

The company works for over 20 years, which adds points to its reliability. Ordering by 3 pm (in the country of the delivery), you can count on same-day delivery if it’s not a weekend or a holiday.

There’s a minimum order price of $39.99, which is pretty cheap, considering the quality of their flower sets. If you need a florist to deliver the order, there’s a fee starting from $9.99. To find out more about the full price of your order, contact the customer support team.

Nearly Natural

Don’t let the name confuse you, there are still amazing bouquets, centerpieces, and more in this shop. The thing is, all these flowers, trees, and plants aren’t natural. They look exactly like those, and with a certain amount of floral perfume, they will even smell like real flowers.

Nearly Natural - Place to order flowers

Every set is made of high-quality materials and it’s very difficult to tell the difference without touching or smelling them. Their creators are inspired by nature and decide not to harm it.

You can get a beautiful set or a plant for $50 and more. Every product listed on the website has its own page with ratings and reviews from those who have purchased it before.

To get a 25% discount for your first order, subscribe to the company’s promotional notifications. The offer lasts for 30 minutes after the subscription is made. This is a very generous welcome gift for everyone who decides to opt for long-lasting artificial arrangements.


The last leader on the list, Teleflora offers a great selection of flowers and a huge list of countries they deliver to.

International flower delivery from Teleflora

The most popular ones are Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the UK, and the Philippines. On the website, there’s a full list of 165 countries Teleflora delivers to.

Choose a perfect set for any occasion by browsing sections divided by holiday, type, color, and more. If you’re not sure what bouquet will suit best, visit the Most Popular or Deal of the Day section. There you will definitely find something for your liking. It’s very easy to order flowers using this website, so you can spend some time on the search for the best option!

The pricing range falls between $30 and $250. You can always go bigger with additional elements, of course, just contact the support team to find out what you can do. Keep in mind that no matter the final destination, all prices are listed in US dollars and you’re charged in this currency.

Best Flower Delivery Services: FAQ on Where to Get Flowers

As in this quote by Luther Burbank:

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

, you can provide your loved one with this food. But to make sure you get the best treatment and result, let’s answer some questions.

Should I Trust TOP Online Delivery Sites?

Only if you check them for reliability. Everything sold online should be checked by:

  1. Reading Terms and Conditions;
  2. Finding out more about the policies the company offers;
  3. Talking to their customer support team;
  4. Looking for TOP lists;
  5. Reading independent reviews.

Flower delivery industry is quite old, and as you can see judging by our list, some companies are in the business for over 20 years, and it’s only the time they’ve been active online! So, if you see natural, honest reviews that say the website of your interest is trustworthy, it’s worth trusting it (wordplay intended).

What if the Recipient Isn’t at Home Upon Floral Arrangements Delivery?

It depends on the company and delivery service, but there are usually several ways out:

  • Leaving the arrangement outside the apartment/house. In this case, the delivery person must make sure there are no harmful elements that can damage the bouquet and that it’s safe to leave it there;
  • Leaving it at a neighbor’s house. Again, it’s important to assess the neighborhood.
  • Leaving a note or a tag near the door notifying there was a delivery and asking to call the service back as soon as the recipient arrives home.

Make sure you discuss this topic with the company of your choice to avoid misunderstandings.

Why Does the Best International Flower Delivery Experience a Price Spike During Holidays?

Like all goods and services, flower delivery is subject to the supply and demand equation. More flower orders mean a larger demand. This leads to higher prices of wholesale, arrangement, and delivery. There are a lot of services involved in the process of creating a flower set and sending it to your loved one.

To avoid falling for higher prices, consider ordering beforehand. Discuss the details with your flower retailer in order to save money and make sure your set is available.

Are There Any Recommendations from Flower Retailers on How to Make My Bouquet Last Longer?

Sure. You can find out some extra information by contacting the customer support of your floral company. Some services also have a lot of useful info on their websites. But we can also give brief recommendations:

  • Keep the vase as full of water as possible;
  • Make sure the water is fresh, change it every day;
  • Use preservatives, preferably natural ones. They usually contain sugar, an acidifier, and additional components. Some companies will provide those with the set;
  • Keep your arrangement away from sunlight and appliances that have a heat output. The cooler, the better.

How to Choose the Best Fresh Flower Delivery?

Our best recommendation is to read as many reviews as possible. Don’t expect all of those to be positive about one company to make the conclusion that it’s a good one. Some orders get damaged during delivery, sometimes the initial flowers aren’t fresh, there might be florists’ mistakes as well. There’s no company that is 100% perfect.

However, make sure the reviews you’re reading are honest. Look at websites other than the official one of the company. There are only testimonials, and you need to know all the sides.

Reviews with pictures are the best kind since you can see a non-staged photo of the final product. If looking for international delivery, make sure you look for reviews on the topic. Some companies might be great in the US but their international shipping might be a bit off.

Customer Reviews of Flower Delivery Companies

Okakura Kakuzo once said:

“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends”.

According to most flower sender reviews, this is absolutely true given you choose the best floral delivery option.

Check out these, maybe one flower sender review (or a receiver’s one) will inspire you to order an arrangement yourself.

Robert C. GrayRobert C. Gray
«I’m in love with 1-800-FLORALS. They have an incredible product range, and the prices don’t bite. Flowers are a costly thing, especially if you want to use flower companies that deliver to the door, but 1-800-FLORALS has become a pleasant discovery.»

Lester J. HowardLester J. Howard
«Blooms Today have saved me several times when I forgot about special occasions. I’m a very busy person, and sometimes, remembering all cousins’ birthdays and special dates is difficult, even though they are all in my calendar. Flower shops that deliver within the country and internationally have my heart. Kudos for the prices as well!»

Owen KubaryOwen Kubary
«I’ve never thought international delivery could be such a great thing. To be honest, ordering flowers like this for the first time is quite stressful, and I had to wait for some time for the support team to reply, but the final result is more than satisfying.»

Nathan OsborneNathan Osborne
«I’m yet to choose the best price flower delivery for me, but companies like FTD and ProFlowers have really helped me. Sometimes, a tiny, sweet floral arrangement can make a person’s day!»

Ashly G. RitzAshly G. Ritz
«I’ve never ordered flowers for anyone, but opening the door in the morning and seeing such a beauty with a note from my husband who lives abroad is such a mood-lifter! Can’t lie, I’ve shed a couple tears, and now I’m waiting for a delivery call from floral services every morning.»

Josh NolanJosh Nolan
«Sending flowers all the way to Ireland? Done! Just out of the blue, I decided to do something nice for my girlfriend. I knew exactly what kind of bouquet would make her feel better, and there’s only one place that could make it perfect. Thanks, FloraQueen!»

Sending flowers to a loved one shows you care no matter how far away you are. If there are doubts as to the eco-friendly factor of shipping real flowers, try a fake arrangement that looks the same. There’s a way out of any situation, and online flower delivery services can help you create another special, sweet moment.

International delivery gives you more control over the order and a guarantee of quality. Also, it’s easier to figure out the cost with delivery and taxes. Choose one or several flower delivery services and show your family, friends, or partner how much you care. Sometimes words aren’t enough, and such sweet gestures enrich the experience.