Best Flower Delivery in London

Flowers are a universal language of love, compassion, and best wishes. If you’re looking for the best flower shop in London, online research is one of the keys to success. Contributing to your search, here we present 4 online-based businesses with some of the best florists in London:

Company Price Range Contact Details
1 Stop Florists $29 — $190 Tel: 800.713.0326
Bloom £19 — £199 Tel: 0844 482 2332
Address: Bloom Cotswold House 1 Crompton Road Groundwell Wiltshire SN25 5AW
Bloombox Club £13 — £160 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Bloombox Club, Unit 1.G.1, The Leather Market, 11-13 Weston Street, London SE1 3ER
FloraQueen $40 — $160 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Carrer de Frederic Mompou, 3 Planta 7ª, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain

Some like classic bouquets while others prefer plants that need more care and will grow for years. There are also people who have fallen in love with faux arrangements. All of them have one feature – lighting up inner smiles in people. Top London florists can help you make the choice and arrange a delivery that will satisfy you and the recipient.

And we take responsibility for familiarizing you with the companies such experts work for. On the list, you’ll find everything from fresh, classic arrangements to silk flowers and plant subscriptions.

“Minds are like flowers; they open only when the time is right.” – Stephen Richards

1 Stop Florists: Best Flower Shop in London

West London, East London – no matter the location, this service will bring a gorgeous bouquet of your choice and a smile to the recipient’s home. This company offers everything from sweet Birthday bouquets and baskets for kids to wine baskets for their parents. London florists working for the company know how to combine flowers with any additions available on the website to create original arrangements that will suit anyone’s taste.

Using this website, you can get a gorgeous flower set for about £31.50. If the occasion calls for a large bouquet, you can get one for about £134. - best flower shop in London

Here are some extra things the service provides for your comfort:

  • Sorting by high and low price if budget is of utmost importance;
  • Sorting by rating to see the bestsellers if you’re not sure what to buy;
  • Occasion-specific section with all kinds of bouquets and baskets;
  • Choosing a perfect option by color if there’s a specific wish;
  • Same-day delivery Monday to Friday if you order before 2 pm;
  • Seasonal blooms to make a special bouquet to suit the occasion and a natural design a certain season creates;
  • International delivery;
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for every customer.

When looking for flower shops in London online, you can pass by a convenient ordering process by 1 Stop Florists:

  1. Create an account;
  2. Fill a form;
  3. Track your bouquet in an “Order Status” section;
  4. Get notification about successful delivery.

That’s it!

If there are any questions, the company offers to visit their Help/FAQ section or contact customer support.

Bloom: Best Silk Flower Delivery Choice

London florists work not only with real flowers. One of the latest news in the industry is a bouquet made from silk flowers that look just like the natural ones. They are so soft and tender, you won’t know the difference. Made by hand, with love, even a small bouquet can improve your mood and familiarize you with faux florals.

Bloom offers plants, stems, bouquets, decoration arrangements, and more. Over 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot have given the company a 4.0 rating.

This is one of the most convenient services on the list as well. Here are some things it offers:

  • High-quality artificial flowers gathered in breathtaking bouquets;
  • Customizable fonts on the website so that you don’t have to struggle to understand the text;
  • Fast registration of an account that will make every order quick and successful;
  • Effective customer support that will clarify any question;
  • Search by occasion and/or color;
  • Sorting by price to make sure you can find something for your budget;
  • Free delivery for orders larger than £60;
  • Sale section for those who want a low-budget option with no quality loss;
  • Order-tracking using your account.

There are pieces for as cheap as £19 for those who decided to see what silk flowers are like for the first time.

Top London florists in BLOOM

You also get a chance to order a catalog to have all the latest items on your email. An additional subscription will keep you updated on the news from the company.

Bloombox Club: Best Plant Subscriptions, Anyone?

If you’re after the best flower delivery in London with a special meaning and original offers, Bloombox Club might become the best choice for you. This company sells plants for every room and purpose. Created by Dr of Psychology Katie Cooper, this project is intended to improve the mental state of the recipients. Plant care is considered a form of therapy, and when you’re getting a new interesting plant with a care card and a cute pot every month, it becomes even more effective!

Here you can get anything from immune-boosting plants to succulents that improve focus and overall mood.

There are so many interesting and convenient features you get:

  • A range of flowers sorted by room (bedroom, kitchen, office, etc.) or purpose (immune-boosting, pet-friendly, etc.);
  • Contact-free delivery that fits all the standards of modern times;
  • An easy-to-use website where you can place the order or contact customer support;
  • £10 gift vouchers if you’re not sure your loved one wants a delivery right to their home;
  • 3-months to annual subscriptions for £100 or more. You or your recipient will get a plant every month;
  • All kinds of plant-related gifts for £11 and more.

This is one of the most special options on the list. With all those benefits, you get free delivery for Classic, Classic Plus, and Special subscriptions.

Bloombox Club is the best flower delivery in London

All the other orders have an added fee of £6.95 in the UK.

FloraQueen: Top London Florists at Your Service

FloraQueen is the company some of the best florists in London cooperate with. They have floral branches in many countries across Europe. You get premium service, international delivery, and high-quality of flowers (always fresh) with FloraQueen. The company is in the flower industry for over 16 years!

A beautiful bouquet will cost you about £40-£50 plus £6.30-£11 delivery fee. When in need of a large arrangement, go to the VIP part of the website where you can find items for about £120 and more.

Flowers in London from the company FloraQueen

The company offers features and sweet bonuses for every taste and need:

  • Detailed Search section where you can insert the needed date and location to see the freshest, most suitable bouquets that can be delivered in the shortest time;
  • International delivery to a list of more than 100 countries of the world;
  • Only fresh flowers, arranged in bouquets less than 48 hours before the delivery;
  • Items with discounts as generous as 40%;
  • A 15% discount for everyone who subscribes to their email newsletter. It contains lots of useful information about flowers that will lift your spirits and give you some extra knowledge;
  • Additions for any occasion, including chocolate baskets.

The customer support of the company is quite powerful as well. Competent operators will answer your questions via Live Chat or another method. Go to the Contact Us page to find out how you can reach the support team.

Even if it’s South London and North London, sometimes even such a distance may make it impossible for you to be with your family or friends on an important day. FloraQueen makes distance irrelevant when it comes to sweet regards and congratulations.

FAQ About the Best Florists in London

Here are some of the most interesting questions people ask when looking for the best florist in London. We’ve chosen Qs about different stages of the ordering process. These useful answers might help you make the experience even better.

Can I get a vase with my flowers?

Different companies offer different additions to their bouquets. Some have a wide range of add-ons, including vases. There will be an additional fee for it, but you can get flowers with a vase if you’re not sure if the recipient has one. This might be a great idea if the person bought a new home and might not have certain items at the moment.

Make sure you find out if the company of your interest has vases as add-ons (e.g. and how much it will cost for you to order one.

Flowers in a glass vase - Bloom

Can I add a message to the bouquet?

Even the best flowers in London can become better with a sweet card written by the sender (with the hand of a florist). Some services have standard cards and other elements with text on them saying “Congratulations!”, “Happy Birthday!”, etc.

Can I add a message to the bouquet? -

You can order such an element or ask to write a card for you. Usually, companies shouldn’t refuse since it doesn’t take much to write a sweet message on a card. But it’s important to find out such details beforehand. If the service has adequate customer support, you’ll get a reply very quickly.

What if I want to create my own bouquet?

Usually, top florists in London offer such a wide range of bouquets that you don’t have to think about customizing them in any way. However, if you’re into floral art, there are services that offer customers to create their own, exclusive bouquets. Keep in mind that it might cost more and not all flowers might be available, though.

Contact customer support and ask them if the custom bouquets feature is available. If you really love your idea but there’s no such feature, send them a drawing or any other visual reference and they might just find a similar bouquet for you.

My payment doesn’t go through. What should I do?

There are two things you should do immediately:

  • Contact customer support;
  • Contact your bank.

There might be a problem at either end. Also, make sure your card can be used to purchase online and you have enough money there. Some companies might charge you in USD or EUR (if ordering international delivery) or in GBP (if you’re ordering from overseas using a local Central London branch, for instance). If your card can’t be charged in another currency, this might be the problem.

Usually, the customer support can pick your order up where the error occurred and complete the transaction manually. Keep in touch with them and the bank until the issue is resolved.

Why Use Online Flower Shops in London

Here’s an interesting observation: giving presents sometimes brings even more happiness than receiving them. So, whenever you feel like it’s time for a random serotonin boost, think about sending flowers to a loved one. It doesn’t have to be connected to a special occasion! Imagine if you’re waking up or coming back home from work to a pleasant surprise from a close person. Must feel great, right?

And now imagine that you find a company that communicates with customers, helps find the best bouquet, has a wide range of flowers, and offers multiple delivery options. All these qualities will make your experience much more pleasant, and above we’ve listed 4 services that are ready to help you anytime!