Best Flower Delivery in Vancouver, BC

Knowing which Vancouver flower shops have everything you need any day, anytime is very important. Floral arrangements look amazing and will bring pleasant emotions to your friend or relative. There are so many options to choose from! You can combine favorite colors, choose flowers that smell the best and look like a dream.

“Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.“

― Henry Beecher

Pick a small bouquet and you have a reminder for your girlfriend about how much you love her. Add more flowers and you have a birthday compliment. Choose a fruit basket with the florals and your best wishes will be remembered by your colleague. Add a balloon or a stuffed animal and you have a complete gift for a kid’s birthday or a decoration for proposal.

Which flower shops in Vancouver can do that?

Company Price Range Contact Details
1-800-FLORALS $40 — $100 Tel: 1(800)356-7257
Phone: 630-719-5200
Fax: 630-719-2292
FloraQueen $40 — $160 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Carrer de Frederic Mompou, 3 Planta 7ª, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain
Flower Delivery $40 — $240 Order: 1(800)756-5795
Fax: 1(800)854-9647
E-mail: [email protected]
Flowers Fast $40 — $150 Tel: 1(740)535-6937
E-mail: [email protected]
FTD $40 — $200 Tel: 1(800)736-3383
Just Flowers $40 — $240 Order: 1(800)570-0447
Customer Service: 1(800)290-5919
E-mail: [email protected]
Nearly Natural $50 — $120 Tel: 1(800)711-0544
Address: 3870 W. 108 Street, Suite 305, Hialeah, FL 33018
E-mail: [email protected]

These companies hire experienced florists in Vancouver to do wonders, and they won’t cost a fortune. We’ll review each one to make sure you find a company that will become your ally for many years.

Where to Order Flowers Online in Vancouver: TOP Services

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.”

― Iris Murdoch

There are several requirements everyone should have when choosing an online flower delivery in Vancouver. We’ve gathered all of them and created brief reviews that will help you make the final choice.

1-800-FLORALS: Creative Floral Delivery in Vancouver

When looking for floral delivery in Vancouver, you shouldn’t miss 1-800-FLORALS and their original arrangements. Order right from the website, choosing your ideal arrangement from a vast variety of options. If you don’t know what occasion to link the bouquet to, there is information about floral dates on the website.

Besides, you can find interesting articles about flower types, the meaning of different florals, and more. Here you can get flower knowledge prior to ordering a bouquet, which may come in handy once a comment on your present is needed.

This online Vancouver flower shop offers an efficient Search feature where you can specify the type of bouquet, holiday, and price range, shopping by those categories.

800Florals - Flower delivery in Vancouver, BC

As to the prices, 1-800-FLORALS offer standard items for as cheap as ≈ $30, as well as premium ones from $75 and up. All payments are secure – only Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and other protected cards/accounts are accepted.

FloraQueen: Online Flower Store in Vancouver with International Delivery

Since 2004, FloraQueen allows its customers to send flowers in Vancouver and bring joy to their loved ones in over 100 countries of the world. This is a great service for people in a hurry – it has a nice search function that sorts bouquets by holiday, flower types, even delivery dates so that your choice is definitely available on that day.

Vancouver flower delivery from FloraQueen

By using this feature, you can find the most suitable flower arrangement in just about 5 minutes, maybe even less!

You can get a regular flower set for about $40-$60. For such a reasonable price, you’re getting a stylish bouquet that smells like heaven. If you need something extra fancy, there’s a VIP section on the website with options from $130.

When choosing FloraQueen to deliver flowers in Vancouver, you can get a 15% discount by subscribing to their newsletter. Keep in mind that it’s only available for the first order.

Flower Delivery: Easy-to-Use Online Flower Shop in Vancouver

A very easy and to-the-point name tells everything you need to know about this Сanadian delivery company. Their service is easy to use and there are no confusing deals and twisted order processes. Yet, the options are plenty, and we’re not talking only about flowers.

Flower Delivery offers fruit, toys, and balloons as cute additions to any arrangement. A sweet bouquet can become a complete birthday present if you trust this company with your order.

They cooperate with the best Vancouver florist delivery services to make sure the recipient gets fresh flowers and the order looks exactly like you imagine it to. You can get help using their customer support if there are any questions as to the order, flower availability, additions, etc. - Best flower shop in Vancouver

As to the prices of flower arrangements in Vancouver, the company “Flower Delivery” has three categories:

  • Under $50;
  • $50-$100 (standard);
  • $100+.

All sections have beautiful floral options that will be suitable for any occasion. Search by price range can be very useful if budget is your top priority. But even the cheapest options will make your loved one happy!

Flowers Fast: Speedy and Efficient Vancouver Flowers Delivery

Becoming a part of the industry in 1997, Flowers Fast is still one of the most favorite online flower stores in Vancouver among regular customers. In Canada, the shop cooperates with the best Vancouver florists, and in the USA – with FTD professionals.

Send flowers in Vancouver via

You can conveniently search for a perfect bouquet by specialties, colors, collections, and occasions. There’s also a “Popular” section for those who don’t have a clear vision of what kind of arrangement they want to order.

They also have a mini-blog with interesting information about flowers. You can find out about the meaning of different kinds of roses and read about flowers of the month.

Same-day delivery is available Mon-Fri if you make an order by noon (according to the recipient’s timezone). Weekend and holiday deliveries have to be discussed in advance.

Prices vary from under $40 to over $150 and there are no additional fees for same-day or holiday delivery. As to pleasant bonuses, you can get a discount code by allowing notifications from the website.

FTD: The Best Vancouver Florist at the Reach of One Call

One of the most popular flower shops in Vancouver, BC, FTD offers classy, professionally arranged florals for any holiday, special date, or just because you feel like it. Website navigation is especially convenient here since you can browse by occasion, flower types, and even delivery types.

The company is generous with sales – you can find a whole section with the sets that are currently on sale. This is an amazing opportunity for those who look for a low-budget option that looks expensive.

FTD: The Best Vancouver Florist at the Reach of One Call

Price-wise, you can get a beautiful bouquet from $40 or a big and fancy one for about $200. This is a convenient price range that will fit any budget. No matter the price, all flowers are fresh and look gorgeous.

Anything from a momentary nostalgia to not being able to be there for your child on their 18th birthday – FTD has a bouquet that will explain your feelings with colors and scent.

Just Flowers: Blooming Vancouver Flower Delivery

Just Flowers has been working hard for over two decades. These professionals are making sure your room is always fresh and wrapped in the feeling of blooming spring. It’s an evolving company that always adapts to customers preferences, changing and updating its flower and price range, as well as payment and delivery options.

Deliver flowers in Vancouver -

You can browse the website conveniently to find a perfect flower arrangement in mere minutes. Specify the type of bouquet, the date and place of delivery, additions if any, and a word or phrase that describes your floral idea best.

Just Flowers offers same-day delivery if you make an order by 3 p.m. Monday to Friday and 1 p.m. on weekends. To make sure the item of your choice is up for same-day delivery, choose your state and the type of delivery to see when is the closest day it’s available. It’s always better to order in advance.

There’s a $29.99 minimum order limit (regular working days), but make sure you check the final price of the order since additional services like florist delivery or additions like fruit or balloons cost extra. This shouldn’t be a problem since their customer support team is always ready to help you with answers.

Nearly Natural: Send Flowers to Vancouver That Will Be Fresh Forever

We all want our flowers to be fresh forever. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible, if only you don’t order at Nearly Natural. This company creates breathtaking floral arrangements from faux flowers made from silk and other materials.

They look just like real flowers, you’ll never know the difference unless you touch or smell them. As to the odor, by the way, there are no chemical notes that might be toxic or ruin the experience.

Prices are surprisingly reasonable. You can get a beautiful faux flower arrangement for $50 – minimalistic and long-lasting. Get a 25% discount on the first order by subscribing to their newsletter.

Order flowers online in Vancouver - Nearly Natural

You can use it in 30 minutes from the moment of subscription, so manage your time! Besides, there’s also a 20% discount offered when you visit the website. Be attentive and you might just get your best deal!

No special maintenance, no flower food, and no constant care to prolong their life. Just a bit of a weekly dusting.

Nearly Natural is one of the most creative online flower shops in Vancouver, BC, the aura of creativity surrounds their website. You can feel it when browsing through their catalog and realizing every petal, every leaf and stem was custom-made.

FAQ for the Best Flower Delivery in Vancouver

To make your experience as good as it can be, we’ve answered several questions that people are interested in most frequently.

How Do I Know If My Order Was Delivered?

Vancouver flowers delivery services usually ask for your number and/or email to notify you about updates on the order. When it’s delivered, you’ll get a text message or an email.

Some companies choose to call to make sure they reach you. If there are any issues (the recipient isn’t at home, the guards don’t let the delivery person to the house, etc.), you will also be notified.

What Do I Have to Do for the Flowers to Be Delivered on the Same Day?

Same day flower delivery in Vancouver can be done if you order until a certain time. Every company specifies its own time limits and delivery options.

If you need same-day delivery, find out beforehand if the service of your choice has such an option and if it’s available on the day of the order. Some companies change their working hours on holidays and weekends, so it’s crucial to be knowledgeable.

Can Flowers Be Delivered at a Specific Time?

Even the best flower shop in Vancouver may be too busy on the day of your order. You can ask for a specific-time delivery in Additional Notes or Comments section if ordering online. Different services have different names for such notes.

It’s also useful to call beforehand to find out if you can order flowers in Vancouver and ask for a specific time delivery. On weekends and holidays, such an option may not be available due to the load of work floral companies have.

How Can I Keep the Delivery a Surprise?

Most companies advise you not to withhold such information from a recipient. They deserve to know about the surprise to make sure they have enough time and are ready to receive an arrangement. It won’t be a great experience if the recipient isn’t at home or didn’t wait for guests and your order is returned.

However, it depends on the situation. So, if you’re absolutely sure your recipient will appreciate a surprise and you know that they’re at home during your flower shop working hours, discuss this topic with their operator.

Are Deliveries Available for Businesses, Military Bases, and Closed Complexes?

Usually, yes, but it depends on the company of your choice. A kind tip: by providing as much info about your desired order as possible, you improve chances for perfect delivery at the right time, place, and circumstances. There should be a box for notes and comments if ordering online – fill it in with as much detail as possible.

What People Say About Vancouver Flower Delivery: Honest Reviews

Upon finding a Vancouver florist of their liking, a lot of people have decided to leave reviews and help anyone in search to get a great customer experience:

Jesse E. WelbornJesse E. Welborn
«If you want to send flowers to Vancouver, there’s no better service than FTD. Not only did I find a dream bouquet in less than 10 minutes, but the operator I was talking to was also super sweet and guided me through the ordering process perfectly.»

Rodney R. DiggsRodney R. Diggs
«You know, when I was a child, I was wondering how my mom had a special company for everything. I dreamed about having my own list of services I would cooperate with regularly. Recently, the time came for finding Vancouver flower delivery that would become my ally. Just Flowers, sending you my kindest regards!»

Ben S. MiramontesBen S. Miramontes
«When looking for a florist in Vancouver, pay attention to online businesses. I was one of those old-school guys that thought everything sold online was a scam. But in reality, being able to send flowers to my daughter who lives in Canada from the comfort of my living room couch is great. The future is here!»

Helene B. GallegosHelene B. Gallegos
«I ran out of things to do at home for fun. Movies have become a regular thing, I’ve cooked everything my cookbooks offered, the pets are sick of me trying to play with them all the time. Glad I have friends who know exactly how difficult isolation and boredom are for me. Finding a wonderful flower arrangement with several funny cards made my week!!»

Lynsey A. TullosLynsey A. Tullos
«Never knew I would find the best florist in Vancouver online on the first try. Ordering such bouquets and having them delivered has improved my life so much. If I don’t have an idea for a present ready, I always know what will rescue me in such a situation. One phone call and no hour-long brainstorm as to what the person needs.»

Scott D. KendallScott D. Kendall
«Couldn’t go out to buy flowers because it’s my wife’s B-Day and I was helping with arranging everything. No chance for an extra step – she was very nervous since we had a lot of guests coming that evening. Gladly, I didn’t even have to call (would’ve been too obvious) – online orders rule! Thanks, Flowers Fast, for same-day delivery and quick response!»

Make Use of Flower Delivery in Vancouver, BC

Cheap flower delivery in Vancouver isn’t a fairytale. There are plenty of decent online businesses that offer charming bouquets for a humble price. Some of them even work internationally, which means you can deliver flowers to Vancouver from another country.

Invest some time into checking every website we’ve presented above. Choose the price range, location, and set of services that suits you the best.

As people say: “Every day is for flowers”. We aren’t sure who said this first, but it’s definitely true – you don’t need a special occasion to make your loved ones happy with a bouquet.

Besides, there isn’t a lot of effort needed for it. Everything you have to do is find a decent service and order arrangement with the help of trained operators.