Send Flowers to Portugal Through the Proven Shops!

Do you happen to have a loved one in Portugal? It might be quite far away, but we know that feelings remain unchanged even at a long distance!

To make sure of it yourself, send flowers to Portugal and surprise your friend, relative, or partner with a beautiful bouquet. Just imagine the look on their face when they get the gift that has an aroma of a fresh morning tenderness and a sweet note with heartwarming wishes from you!

Flower delivery to Portugal

And what if we tell you all of this and more is at the reach of a phone call?

You can send flowers to Portugal using international delivery services or find the services in the country. They are easy to use, have a wide range of floral arrangements for all kinds of occasions.

And the delivery time is just as quick as you want it to be! An important thing here is to find a proven flower shop that has flower delivery in Portugal. And we have one that will cover all your needs and make distance and separation lose their power.

“Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.”

– John Ruskin

FloraQueen: Send Flowers to Portugal for an Affordable Price

FloraQueen is an international flower arrangement and delivery company with floral centers all across Western Europe. Sending flowers to Portugal isn’t a problem if you choose this service.

Company Overview

FloraQueen has been in the flower business for over 16 years. Millions of orders were processed and delivered, and millions of emotions were expressed with the help of the company.

Distance is not a difficulty when you want to show your love and gratitude towards someone, so sending a bouquet from the US to Australia or from Ukraine to Portugal isn’t a problem.

Services and Features

The company offers:

  • Fresh flowers in all bouquets;
  • Delivery to over 100 countries;
  • Possibility of same-day delivery;
  • Additions like chocolate baskets;
  • Detailed Delivery and Privacy Policy;
  • 15% off the first order if you subscribe to their newsletter.

The newsletter, by the way, is very interesting. They provide articles about flowers that can help you choose a proper arrangement in the future. Did you know what the national flower of Portugal is lavender?

Well, there’s that and a lot more facts that will enrich your knowledge. You’ll also get the latest offers and money-saving deals!

All arrangements are prepared up to 48 hours before delivery, which guarantees flowers freshness. Before holidays or weekends, some orders can be prepared in advance to avoid delays. You can discuss this topic with customer support.

The busiest days for FloraQueen are:

  1. Valentine’s Day;
  2. International Women’s Day;
  3. Easter;
  4. International Mother’s Day.

Search and Order

There’s a convenient Search feature. Fill in the location and delivery date fields, choose the type of flowers you want to deliver and the occasion.

Flowers to Portugal from FloraQueen company

The result page will show you the most suitable arrangements, including the items on sale. Discounts are pretty generous – you can find a beautiful bouquet with 40% off, making a low-budget option much fancier.


You can find a floral arrangement from $50-$60. There’s also a VIP section that offers larger and fancier sets for $150 and more. You can find an option for any budget!

Sending flowers to Portugal - Prices

Make sure, though, to calculate the final price carefully and/or contact the support team since the delivery fee isn’t included in the prices displayed. It’s done to make sure you get the right number at the end – delivery in different countries may vary money-wise. Usually, the cost will increase by $8 to $14.

Customer Support

You can reach the support team using a Live Chat available during product order process on the website, or the Contact Us page. Try to describe your problem or question with as much detail as possible to get a full answer that will solve the problem asap.

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.“

– Henri Matisse, “The Colour of Love”

This could be the motto of the company as they cover a wide area (100+ countries!) and their flowers can reach almost anyone who needs them at the moment.

A lot of specialists are talking about the therapeutic effect of looking at and interacting with beautiful things. By sending flowers to Portugal to make your loved one’s day, you provide an opportunity for such a therapy.

FAQ on Sending Flowers to Portugal

We’ve tried to fill in as much information gaps as possible, but if you have any more questions left, maybe this section will help.

What Is the Currency International Flower Delivery Companies Charge in?

It depends on the company, of course. FloraQueen usually presents prices according to your location, your card is charged in Euros, according to the currency exchange rate.

Keep this in mind when ordering a bouquet and always check if you have enough money on your account. If there are any questions as to the conversion, you can contact the bank or the delivery service, or better both!

How Can They Deliver a Bouquet to Another Country the Same Day?

Companies have partners in different countries or even their own flower bases. FloraQueen has several distribution locations across European countries and professional florists all around the world. So, when you order delivery in Portugal, the company contacts their partners and they take care of everything.

Is There Only One Company Delivering to Portugal?

Is There Only One Company Delivering to Portugal?
We believe not, but reviewing other companies takes time. FloraQueen is a proven service that we can totally recommend to you without any doubt. In the future, the number of flower deliveries we review will increase and you’ll have access to a larger list of reliable florists around the world!

Will My Order Look Like the Image on the Website?

Not necessarily. Images are provided for reference and the final option may look a bit different. No flower arrangement is the same, and placing every leaf and petal under the same angle might be impossible. There’s also a question of availability.

All we can tell you is that every arrangement is unique and looks incredible. But you should discuss this question with the support team to make sure everything looks just like you imagined.

Reviews on Flower Delivery in Portugal

Thousands have already delivered flowers internationally, Portugal included. We’ve gathered several reviews on the topic so you can get the taste of joy related to international flower delivery:

João Sousa CardosoJoão Sousa Cardoso
«I was always wondering how international flower delivery works. Do they gather a bouquet in the US and ship it all the way to Portugal? What about the freshness then? I got so many questions that decided to try and surprise my childhood friend who moved to Portugal. It’s some kind of magic since I arranged same-day delivery without a problem. The delivery made the price rise a bit, but I wasn’t hesitant about paying more for such an opportunity.»

Austin A. ThompsonAustin A. Thompson
«My record for finding a gift on the FloraQueen website was 2 minutes. I’m a regular customer but picky as hell and I admit that! Anyway, choosing an almost perfect bouquet took me only 2 minutes. Maybe it’s because I got educated a bit thanks to their newsletter or the website is just super easy to use. Or both. Thanks for keeping up with my questions all the time and thank you for punctual delivery!»

Linda B. BanfieldLinda B. Banfield
«My sister’s wedding anniversary reminder hit me the day before. I wanted to give her something beautiful, so beautiful that her eyes light up. Choosing a gift in a hurry is a terrible thing, so I Googled, looking for ideas and found the website Flower delivery sounded good but I wasn’t sure if the level is appropriate. Headed straight to the VIP section on FloraQueen’s website since I didn’t plan on going cheap on my sister. An amazing bouquet and a few additions made me the best gift (as my sis said). Thank you!!»

Otávio Ferreira SouzaOtávio Ferreira Souza
«Thanks for delivering such a tiny yet precious gift all the way to Portugal! Sometimes the smallest things do wonders. My girlfriend had to move for work, it’s a great opportunity, but you know how distance influences everything. I used to buy her flowers all the time while we were living together, and I’m not going to stop thanks to such services!»

Noel H. TracyNoel H. Tracy
«I loved the prices on the website The transparency is very much appreciated. Here you can order a nice bouquet with international delivery and not destroy your bank account. Such gifts are usually perceived as very expensive but I was persuaded otherwise. A nice customer experience overall, appreciate it!»

Flower Delivery for Any Important Date or “Just Because”

Sending flowers to someone important to you can make their day or week! Don’t look for a reason to cheer someone up, do it anytime you feel like it.

Spreading love and joy is just what the world needs right now. And you can do it with fifty bucks and a phone call.

Flowers can make a great gift for someone’s birthday, become a decoration or a centerpiece at an anniversary or baby shower, or be the final touch on your perfectly planned Mother’s Day surprise for your mom. A bouquet can also be the best last-minute decision for the times when you totally forget your best friend’s child is graduating today or it’s the birthday of one of your cousins.

It’s amazing that we have companies like FloraQueen and others that deliver internationally. There’s no need to translate a foreign website, pay money for international calls, or trying to understand the delivery fee by reading the Delivery Policy.

You can browse an easy-to-use website with clear flower categories, contact customer support via Live Chat to find out the final price of your arrangement, and send flowers to Portugal in about 10 minutes!