What’s The Best Flower Delivery in The USA for 2020?

A beautiful bouquet can make your life easier if you have a professional delivery company at the distance of a phone call. This is especially relatable nowadays, during week 900 (it seems) of quarantine.

We introduce to you TOP 7 US flower delivery companies that follow the rules, never jeopardize your safety, and manage to send love and gratitude in anytime, anywhere in the country:

Company Price Range Contact Details
FTD $40 — $200 Tel: 1(800)736-3383
ProFlowers $35 — $230 Tel: 1(800)580-2913
FloraQueen $40 — $160 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Carrer de Frederic Mompou, 3 Planta 7ª, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain
Flower Delivery $40 — $240 Order: 1(800)756-5795
Fax: 1(800)854-9647
E-mail: [email protected]
Just Flowers $40 — $240 Order: 1(800)570-0447
Customer Service: 1(800)290-5919
E-mail: [email protected]
Nearly Natural $50 — $120 Tel: 1(800)711-0544
Address: 3870 W. 108 Street, Suite 305, Hialeah, FL 33018
E-mail: [email protected]
Teleflora $32 — $252 Tel: 1(800)493-5610
Address: 11444 West Olympic Blvd. 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90064

These guys have an arrangement for any occasion and of different price ranges. We’ll get familiar with each best flower delivery in the USA, giving you all the main information necessary for making the right choice.

Flower Delivery in the United States: Where to Order Flowers Online in the USA

Choosing the best flower delivery in the USA, it’s difficult to single out one. There are so many talented florists with years of experience, and their combination with convenient delivery options and affordable prices create the following great flower sites to buy from.


One of the best flower deliveries in America, FTD pleases its customers with quick and efficient flower delivery in the US. No matter if you want to send regards to a friend and their new baby or wish someone to get well, FTD will manage it with class and professionalism.

Best flower delivery in the USA from FTD Company

Their website is easy to navigate and you can find lots of useful information there. Bouquets are divided into categories by holiday/occasion, types of delivery, and kinds of flowers. If you’re looking for a low-budget arrangement, there is a separate section with offers that are on sale.

Sending flowers in the US is a common thing, and every company tries to bring something new into their offer range. FTD create amazing arrangements from seasonal flowers. Ordering these, you’re guaranteed freshness and amazing, natural scent that will create the right atmosphere.

The price range is anywhere from $40 to $200, and both cheap and expensive bouquets look sweet and are fresh. The only difference in their size and the amount and diversity of flowers.


An FTD company, ProFlowers is another reliable service to use when you need to send flowers online in the USA. The number of offers there is impressive, so all important dates are covered and you don’t have to worry about picking a suitable bouquet.

Send flower in USA with ProFlowers

There are arrangements for a birthday, anniversary, new kid, baby shower, and more. If you’re looking for a simple, sweet flower set to send without a reason, this is one of the best places to order one.

ProFlowers offers a freshness guarantee for a week. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the order, there are options such as a full refund, a fresh re-delivery, or a discount for the next order. These guys are responsible and won’t ignore complaints.

Looking for a flower shop in the USA, you should have some criteria of choice. The most common ones are:

  • Flower freshness;
  • Selections by occasion and flower type to choose from;
  • Several delivery options;
  • Affordable prices.

ProFlowers matches all of these. Its offers start at around $40, and even the cheapest arrangements look elegant and smell heavenly.


Sending flowers online in the USA from 2004, FloraQueen is one of the leading delivery services in the country. It also offers international delivery to over 100 countries.

Sending flowers online in USA - www.floraqueen.com

One of the best things about their website is a convenient Search section. You can find a perfect flower arrangement by choosing the type of holiday and flowers, delivery date, and city or country you want to send the gift to. Such a search will narrow the number of offers and show only those results suitable for you.

FloraQueen’s arrangements are very diverse, anyone can find something that would fit their needs. Price-wise, you can order a bouquet for $50-$60 and more. These are regular offers, so if you want something exclusive and large, visit the VIP section of the website.

There are offers that cost $150+, suitable for big events like anniversaries, new babies, etc. If you need a deal for a lower price, subscribe to FloraQueen newsletter and you’ll get a 15% discount.

Flower Delivery

If you want to send flowers in the USA and make it even more special, Flower Delivery is just the right company for you. Here you can order an exclusive flower arrangement that contains not only flowers but also fruit, balloons, even stuffed animals! Such additional features can make a seemingly simple bouquet a real gift for any occasion.

United States flower delivery

A child’s birthday will become much happier with a big toy, a baby shower or a friend’s birthday will be merrier with balloons. An anniversary arrangement can be combined with a fruit basket so that you don’t have to worry about a gift. Specialists will help you with the choice if necessary. There are also “Just Because” deals that look gorgeous yet aren’t connected to any special occasion.

Price-wise, there are three categories to choose from:

  • Under $50;
  • $50-$100;
  • Over $100.

Browse offers by price if this is your priority. All options, cheap and expensive, have the same freshness and quality.

Just Flowers

Just Flowers has been in flower delivery to the USA and beyond for over 20 years. The company’s always improving their flower type and price range, as well as delivery options and overall customer experience.

Order flowers online at www.justflowers.com

Just Flowers website also has a convenient search. Choose the delivery date, state, arrangement type, additions, and a keyword that best describes the desired result. Such a search will allow for the best match – an amazing way to find a great flower set in the shortest time.

Same-day delivery is available given you order till 3pm (recipient’s time zone). The rule doesn’t apply for holidays and weekends, so make sure you order beforehand. Florist delivery will cost $9.99 and more.

Just Flowers has a $39.99 minimum order limit. To be sure about the full price of your arrangement, especially if you add fruit, balloons, or another type of decoration, contact the support team.

Nearly Natural

This is the most special American flowers delivery on our list. Nearly Natural create breathtaking arrangements from artificial flowers.

Buy flowers online in the USA - Nearly Natural

Every flower is made from high-quality materials, including silk. Their bouquets are pleasant to touch and incredibly aesthetic. It’s hard to distinguish a real arrangement from their premium work.

This service is the best for those who care about nature and prefer looking at real flowers while they are in their “natural habitat”.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” – Gerard De Nerval

If you and/or your loved one is inspired by this quote and avoid fresh flower arrangements, Nearly Natural is always ready to bring the same beauty to your home without harming any plant.

The prices for such meticulous work aren’t high – $50 for a gorgeous set or a plant that will maintain its beauty for ages isn’t a lot. However, if you’re looking for a lower price, subscribe to their promo newsletter and get a 25% discount on the first order. It will last for 30 minutes, so make sure to subscribe right before buying a set.


Looking for the best rose delivery in the USA, you shouldn’t go past Teleflora. This company offers a wide range of floral arrangements, convenient delivery options, and reasonable prices. They deliver not only across the USA but in 165 countries around the world!

American flowers delivery from Teleflora

The website is very convenient, you can browse offers by categories:

  • Flower type;
  • Occasion;
  • Color, etc.

There are also special segments:

  1. Deal of the Day. Here you can choose from the best bouquets Teleflora has on this day. There are lots of discounts in this section that are limited in time, so make sure to visit it when looking for the best match.
  2. Most Popular. For those who never know which arrangement to choose, there’s a section with the most frequently ordered items. It’s also a great list for those who need a nice arrangement asap and have no time to choose from a huge number of options.

Prices for roses for delivery in the USA from Teleflora range between $30 and $200.

FAQ on Cheap Flower Delivery in the USA

Flower delivery doesn’t seem like a difficult thing, yet there are a lot of details to know about to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. We’ve answered some of the most peculiar questions.

Why Do Flower Delivery Companies Ask Me for My Phone Number?

They need your full contact information to be able to reach you if something goes wrong or simply for notification. If you order an arrangement and don’t leave your personal contact info, you’ll lose control over the delivery.

There’s nothing bad in leaving your email and/or phone number if the service asks for it. In case they start sending their promotional notifications and it annoys you, there’s an option to unsubscribe. But there’s nothing bad in receiving the best deals available at the moment.

How Can I Be Sure My Flower Arrangement Was Delivered?

You will be notified via phone, SMS, or email. The exact way depends on the company of your choice. Make sure you discuss this before making the order so that you know what to expect.

Is It Safe to Share My Personal Information with Online Companies?

If you choose a reliable flower delivery service, why not? Legally registered companies have policies that prohibit them from sharing your contact info with third parties. They also won’t use it in any other way rather than notifying you about the delivery or sending promotional notifications.

Besides, a lot of these companies used to be offline, brick-and-mortar branches, some of them even are now. They just use the Internet for better outreach and improvement in order numbers. It doesn’t matter whether you use an online or offline service, what matters is their competence and quality.

Can I Send Flower Arrangements During Public Holidays or on Weekends?

This depends on the company. Usually, they allow for weekend and holiday delivery, which is logical since it’s their busiest days. Another question is whether the service of your choice can do same-day delivery.

Public holidays are busy days, and a lot of deliveries make it a short day since delivery people are, well, people, and they need some rest during a holiday. So, make sure to order flowers in advance if you want them to be delivered on a holiday or weekend.

Specify the location in advance – some companies limit their range of “influence” during holidays.

What Should I Be Aware of? Are There Common Problems?

The most common problem is incorrect or incomplete data. This is an especially popular issue with online orders. Make sure you check every detail and give explanations within the order if necessary.

Even a small mistake in the street name or apartment will create confusion. A lot of companies call after you make an order to check the information, but it’s always a good thing to check everything yourself before clicking the “Order” button.

Reviews from People Who Ordered Flower Delivery in the US

To have a sneak peek at the atmosphere of flower delivery, here are some random reviews by customers of different companies from our list.

Review from Nikki F. KennemerNikki F. Kennemer
«I’ve been depressed lately due to the lockdown and had no desire to talk to anybody. Eventually, I realized my parents are also at their home and maybe could use my love and support. A friend of mine recommended delivering flowers to their home, and after a lot of hesitations, a realize this was one of the best things I’ve done during the quarantine. The sweetest bouquet from FTD really helped!»

Donna A. VasquezDonna A. Vasquez
«Same-day delivery is THE thing when you forget about your niece’s birthday. Throw some balloons and sweets in there, and you’re ready to go! The delivery is safe and the B-Day girl is happy, thank you!»

Miguel A. WilliamsMiguel A. Williams
«We all have that type of friend that has everything. I spent hours thinking about what to give her, 30 years is quite an anniversary. The Internet knows something we don’t, apparently, as I got an ad about flower delivery all over the US. And voila, now I have a great ally for every holiday!»

Shirley P. CarterShirley P. Carter
«On a working day, a doorbell in the middle of the day isn’t necessarily what you’re waiting for. I wasn’t sure if I should answer, but to my surprise, I’ve found one of the best packages near my door. A beautiful arrangement with sweet wishes definitely lifted my mood up to the sky. Thank you, Teleflora, for a safe delivery!»

Chad J. Gibson about sending flowers in USAChad J. Gibson
«Always have a couple of companies to rescue you when a quick flower delivery is needed. My regular service wasn’t working just when I needed them the most, so FloraQueen has literally become my queen. Thanks for your fast reply and all the help!!»

Estella A. ClodfelterEstella A. Clodfelter
«Nearly Natural broke my worldview. I always thought artificial flowers are grim and shouldn’t be in my room, but these are precious. They are so soft and look just like real flowers. AND they are eternal, no need to change water or use flower food. There’s no maintenance required at all, maybe a bit of dusting.»

Flowers are a universal gift and compliment. Feeling like you’ve been too inattentive to your family lately due to stress? Show your love by ordering a beautiful flower arrangement and apologize.

Want to impress your girlfriend that lives in another state? Pro florists will create a gorgeous, tender bouquet for your girl.

Forgot about a cousin’s birthday and have no idea what gift to buy? A beautiful flower set with a sweet message will solve the problem!

See? There’s an arrangement for anything!

“Politeness is the flower of humanity.” – Joseph Joubert

And flowers can become a reflection of your politeness, love, and gratitude towards family, friends, and loved ones.